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Helping Children of ALL Ages to Read and Write

Learning to read is the most important skill a child needs to master. Feely Phonics makes learning to read fun and relevant to all children.

Learning to Read is Fun!

Feely Phonics has already helped hundreds of children learn how to read. Many more, using Feely Phonics, have been rescued from failure caused by a stressful irrelevant learning situation.

The Feely Phonic Alphabet

The letters in the Feely Phonic Alphabet look like the sound they represent.  They are fun to touch and feel. The Feely Phonic Alphabet brings the letters in the alphabet to life.

Learning to read and write

If a child can read, they are liberated! They are free to pursue their interest in science,history, or escape into a novel.

Sadly there are many children for whom reading is a challenge. This can have a detrimental effect on a child's whole attitude to learning. It's difficult staying excited about a subject if you can't read the text book.

What is going wrong?

Everyone has a different way in to learning, but often instruction is a 'one size fits all' deal. If the instruction is not relevant to that child, that child is not going to learn!

Feely Phonics makes learning to read fun and relevant for all children.

Ready, Set, Read: Building a Love of Letters and Literacy through Fun Phonics Activities

Hundreds of children have learned to read happily with Feely Phonics. They have been able to 'crack the code' of literacy.  Learning to read has been a joyful experienceas the children associate sounds and letters with fun. 'Ready, Set, Read' is a teaching guidethat supports the Feely Phonic Alphabet. It's based on what children naturally like to do such as explore, jump about, and play, so it's totally relevant to every child.

Each letter has a 'Big Event', a concrete experience associated with the sound of the letter. For 'c' the children crawl in a cave collecting objects beginning with 'c'. For 'o', they jump on and off cut-out oranges around the room.

The book is packed with fun ideas and instructions to teach children how to read and write , all the way up to writing complete sentences.

A Teacher's Handbook

The Intermingled Curriculum

'The Intermingled Curriculum' is a week by week guide for the preschool teacher. This book was written after requests from teachers using 'Ready Set, Read' and the Feely Phonic Alphabet for an entire curriculum of substance for preschool.

'The Intermingled Curriculum' is designed to relate everything across the curriculum with the sound of the week. Sound work, topic, number, crafts, science, books read, and even 'Let's Pretend' activities are all related. In this way, different types of learner can find their way into sounds and literacy.

feely phonic alphabet sets

Making the Feely Phonic Letters....

The letters in the Feely Phonic Alphabet come ready to be assembled. All you need is glue - nothing special - just classroom white glue! If you are a home schooler, you may want to make the letters with your child one at a time as they are introduced. If you decide to make the entire alphabet in one go, it will take you just over an hour. The letters will last you for years!

The ladies in the picture are making a letter set each at one of our 'Make and Take' sessions.

...a fun craft in itself!

Although they are designed to go together, the Feely Phonic Alphabet can be used independently from 'Ready, Set, Read' and 'The Intermingled Curriculum'. These multi-sensory letters will enhance any other early literacy program that you already have in place. 

The Feely Phonic Alphabet is available in Lower Case and, just released due to popular demand, the Upper Case. 

Order today!

By this time next week, you could be enjoying working with these fun letters with your children!

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